kidNot just for cavities.

Oral health begins as soon as we get our very first tooth. Although many people think that baby teeth are not that important, it is never too early to teach children about how to take care of their teeth. Proper care can save them from painful extractions, fillings, and procedures later on in life. The better that your child takes care of their mouth, teeth, and gums, the better they will feel at any age.

At Pure Dental, we provide superior pediatric dentistry to ensure that your children have strong and healthy teeth throughout their life. Dr. Jung has extensive experience providing dental care to children and understands how to make sure your child’s visit is an enjoyable one.

Just as in adulthood, semi-annual appointments during childhood allow us to catch warnings signs of more serious problems and provide the appropriate care when necessary. Not to mention giving your children a smile they love from a very young age. You don’t have to wait to be an adult to show off your bright grin!

How you can help.

As a parent, you can do much more than just telling your children when to brush to ensure that their oral health is in the best shape possible.

By reducing the amount of sugar snacks and beverages that they consume, you are cutting down on the chance for cavities. Showing your children the proper way to floss can also be very beneficial now and for their future oral health as well. Schedule your next appointments with our family dentist today!